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Cine Gear Expo Technical Awards!

 Cine Gear Expo 2015 Technical Awards! 

After reviewing and evaluating nearly one hundred of the newest technologies submitted and presented at this year’s Cine Gear Expo, our team of judges is pleased to recognize and honor these diverse recipients with this year’s Cine Gear Expo’s Technical Awards.

Support Category:
Rigging Subgroup (tie):
Panther Gmbh & Camadeus Film Technologies “Panther Precision Leveling Track”
Modtruss Inc. “Modtruss Truss”

Other Subgroup:
Hive Lighting Inc. “Free Wire Mobile Energy Storage”

Lighting Technology:
Sumolight Gmbh “Sumospace Light”

Camera Category:
Camera Subgroup:
Arri Inc. “Alexa Mini Camera”

Monitor Subgroup:
Sony Electronics “BVM-X300 4k Monitor”

Post/Sound Category:
Sony Creative Software “Spectra Layers Pro3”
2015 Cine Gear Expo’s Technical Awards Honorable Mentions
Cineo Lighting “The Cineo Matchbox Light”
Innocinema / Action Products “Runner”
Flanders Scientific “DM250 OLED Monitor”
ETC “Source Four LED Series 2 Daylight HD and Tungsten HD Lights”
Macom “12G-SDI Chipset”
DPS Cinema “Enhanced Environments”
LaCie “48TB 8big Rack Thunderbolt Raid”
Filmotechnic “Auto Robot Mini (Russian Arm Mini)”
We would like to express our appreciation to everyone who entered their fantastic new products in this year’s competition. Our tech awards team is looking forward to reviewing a new generation of remarkable awards submissions at next year’s Expo.
Cine Gear Expo would like to thank our 2015 Technical Award’s Judges:
Peter Anderson, ASC – Tech Awards Chairman
Dwight Campbell
Dana Christiaansen
Gary Ushino
Daron James
Harry Rez
Mark Weingartner
Joe di Gennaro
Mike Brodersen

 Results for Cine Gear Expo 2014 Technical Awards! 

The Cine Gear Expo Technical Awards

The 2014 Cine Gear Expo Technical Awards are presented to the best debuting products that are unveiled in 2014. The winners were selected on site by a panel of Industry experts with an eye toward the latest in technology. The panel of judges evaluated only new products that were launched in the United States for the first time in 2014.

A big “thank you” to our judges:
Peter Anderson, ASC , Dana Christiaansen, Dwight Campbell, Tad Marburg, Gary Ushino, Harry Rez

The Cine Gear Expo 2014 Awarded Technologies

Camera Technology:
IDX System Technology Video Transmitter CW-3
Designer: Henry Hara

Lighting Technology:
Fiilex Q 500 LED Light
Designers: Brent Siebenaler, Matt Chung, Peter Lin

Other Technology:
Small HD DP7-Pro On-Camera HD Monitor
Designer: Dale Backus (Head of R&D)

Support Technology:
Freefly Systems M-15 Stabilized Camera System for Large cameras
Designer: Freefly

Post Production Technology: No Award Given
3-D Technology: No Award Given